Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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Donald Trump is the disruptor Americans have been seeking since the Reagan Era.  He is the Establishment’s worst nightmare. 

The second Presidential Debate displayed all the elements of the epic struggle between Trump and his movement versus the Clinton-Liberal-Media forces arrayed against him.

Starting in 2008, Presidential Debates have been ritualized slaughter of the Republican nominee.  Think of a Bull Fight.  The Republicans, McCain, Romney, Trump, are the bull.  The Democrats, Obama, Clinton, are the Matadors.  The ultimate destruction of the Republican is never in doubt.  Opportunities are given for the Republican/bull to charge around the arena.  This provides the audience with some suspense and builds the reputation of the Democrat/Matador as a brave fighter.

The media moderators are the Picadores.  They are mounted on their dais/horse with dazzling finery.  Their elaborate maneuvers are designed to distract the Republican/bull.  They are armed with questions/lances to wound the Republican/bull.

Once in each debate cycle there is a “town meeting format”.  This is where supposedly undecided voters ask unscripted questions of the candidates.  In fact, these forums bring in Banderilleros who plunge sharped barbed sticks into the Republican/bull to prepare for the Democrat’s/Matador’s final assault. 

The second Presidential Debate was a classic display of Banderilleros.  You had the sympathetic sounding female Muslim asking about tolerance.  You had the sympathetic sounding African-American female asking about unity.  You had the white guy asking about how to balance energy needs with the environment.  All were designed to place Trump/the bull into awkward positions while giving Hillary/the Matador maximum opportunity to pander within her comfort zone.

Trump is not your ordinary Republican/bull.  In the first debate, he fell victim to the Matador and Picadores.  He stormed and charged the Matador’s cape and was wounded by the Picadores questions.  Only because Trump was stronger than previous “bulls” did he survive to fight another day.

Unlike previous “bulls”, Trump adjusted his game plan.  He was not going to play the “Bull Fight” game under the Establishment’s rules. The second “Bull Fight” had Hillary, the Matador, conducting a preemptive wounding with the “leak” of Trump’s off-putting “hot mic” audiotape.  The Establishment’s goal was that Republicans would do what they do best, flee from the fray.  Trump was supposed to spend the forty eight hours prior to the debate in disarray with falling polls, pundit assaults, and everyone abandoning him, including his running mate and campaign team.

Trump outwitted his assailants.  The day of the debate, he called a news conference, not to withdraw, but to open his own barrage against the Clintons. For the first time in decades, a Republican unmasked the Establishment’s hypocrisy.  The media has protected Democrats, and championed counter culture, since the 1960s.  Trump embracing the women who were abused by the Clintons was a game changer.  How can the media and Hillary say every abused women should be heard, when they were the ones who silenced these women?  How could the media feign indignation over Trump’s “hot mic” comments when they defended Bill Clinton’s affairs by asserting people should  look at the public record not the private one?

Then came the debate itself.  Trump wisely did not try to shake Hillary’s hand.  He assumed she had a well-rehearsed moment of ostracism coordinated with the moderators.  Then Trump did the equivalent of the bull pulling out an Uzi and opening fire on the Bullfighters.  For most of the ninety minute debate, Trump indicted Hillary, Bill, the moderators, and the Establishment.  Trump tore off their masks.  Liberal lies and misdeeds of the last twenty years spilled into the public record.

No Republican Presidential nominee has ever assaulted the Democrats and the media with such a sustained onslaught.  Years of passivity vanished.  The bull was not going to slaughter without first taking out the Matador, the Picadores, and their fans. Chaos ensued.

Whether Trump’s high stakes gamble changes the campaign enough to win the Presidency remains to be seen.  Trump exposed the game.  Trump eviscerated the gamesmen.  For at least one amazing moment the bull won. Trump changed the game.

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