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Americans are bewildered.  Everywhere they look the Left is prevailing.  Every day, the Left makes progress throughout the political landscape.  At the same time Republicans seem to no longer be Republicans.  Real conservatives fight holding actions but remain steps behind the Left’s next offensive. The victories are silenced behind a wall of Leftist media.

This is happening by design, based upon a century old strategic plan. 

To better understand what is happening consider the truism that “Life imitates art”. 

“Money Heist” is a terrific series.  It is the most watched Netflix series in history, topping the charts in 190 countries. For five seasons, this Spanish language thriller has drawn in its audience with plot twists, sex, humor, and iconic Salvador Dali masks. A mastermind, the “Professor”, plans and achieves two audacious robberies by preparing years before they occur.  He positions people, structures, tunnels, and equipment that come into play at the right time. Spanish security officials remain baffled and outwitted at every turn.

“Money Heist” delivers great entertainment, but it also delivers great insights.  The Left achieved their heist of America with decades of planning and positioning in advance of their takeover.

In 1927, Stuart Chase, one of the founding members of President Franklin Roosevelt’s (FDR) “Brain Trust”, met with Stalin and Trotsky to gain inspiration for taking over America. In his 1932 “New Deal” book Chase mused, “Why should the Russians have all the fun of remaking the world?” Citizen Oversight: THE TERRAFORMING OF AMERICA

Guided by Chase’s vision, the Left set about to methodically capture America’s cultural levers.  Hollywood fell first. Most news media fell by the late 1960s. Print media was corrupted from the start. Pro-America outlets, like Time Magazine, succumbed as their conservative founders retired or died. Academia was conquered during the 1960s in the wake of the “free speech movement” and then the anti-Vietnam War protests.

Corporations were colonized by the Left starting in the 1970s through control of Human Resources. The Left’s insertion of people resulted in Wokism and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) dominating leading businesses.

During the 1980s, the Left targeted 13,452 school districts. Leftist teachers replaced moderate pro-American teachers as they retired.  These Leftist teachers promoted revisionist history supported by new textbooks like Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”, which became the standard high school textbook for a generation.

Once history became the Left’s “etch-a-sketch” they could alter facts at will.  They methodically demonized all that is good about our nation through the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and their variates. Citizen Oversight: THE LEFT’s FINAL SOLUTION

The Left downplays commemorations that reinforce American exceptionalism and our founding values.  They have inserted competing anniversaries that are a drumbeat of Leftist iconography. Citizen Oversight: ASSAULT ON JULY 4th

Mundane commemorations, such as “Heritage Months” for various demographics, have become vehicles for Leftist indoctrination.  Even West Virginia, the most conservative Republican state, public school leaders promoted Che Guevara as their 2022 role model for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Conservatives bear some blame.  They never made September 17, Constitution Day, a national holiday.  They allowed President Nixon to eliminate Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday for the generic “President’s Day”.  The goal of featuring two stellar role models of leadership and integrity got diluted with the likes of Buchanan, Filmore, Harding, and Pierce.

Americans did not see the Leftist tsunami coming. Today, the Leftist echo chamber is supported at all levels of government and society.

Conservatives are outmaneuvered constantly. The recent fiasco in the Tennessee legislature is emblematic. Two disruptive Leftist legislators were expelled only to be reappointed and feted at the White House. Worse, Republicans didn’t expel a third legislator because she didn’t fully participate in events that triggered the expulsion.  However, she was White, the two who were expelled were Black, leading to charges of racism.  Doesn’t anyone “war game” these things?  Every move and counter move was predictable.  Republicans fell into a very obvious trap.

The Left is many moves ahead on a wide range of fronts.  They are promoting Jimmy Carter for “sainthood” in anticipation of his death. They have rioters at the ready the next time a White policeman kills a Black.  They buried the truth about Russiagate, Obamagate, January 6, Covid, and countless other lies told to Americans. Congressional Republicans have witnesses who lie or not show up.  Documents are withheld or redacted beyond recognition. Impeachments will fall short of the 66 votes needed in the Senate to convict. Michelle Obama is waiting in the wings if Biden stumbles. 

Is anyone planning counter moves?

Conservatives once had the upper hand. They outmaneuvered the Left in the run up to the Reagan Revolution and they defeated the Soviets.

The Reagan Revolution was years in the making.  Conservatives established a real movement starting after World War II.  First came the philosophical provenance.  Publications, like National Review and Human Events, were forums for ideas to be tested and refined.  Organizations, like the Foundation for Economic Education, broadened and deepened the ideas of liberty.

Activist groups, starting with the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and the American Conservative Union (ACU), operationalized conservative ideas. The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) became the vehicle for recruiting, educating, and credentialing the cream of the young conservatives.

The “New Right” took these foundational elements to a whole new level.  Richard Viguerie, Howard Philips, and Paul Weyrich forged a network of conservative teams that met regularly to plan and implement actions to derail the Carter Administration.  Kingston was the strategic hub from which Stanton (national security) and Library Court (faith issues) spread activism to ever expanding circles of influence.  These collaborated with issue specific groups and leaders, like Phyllis Schlafly. Serving as a link to the conservative intelligentsia was the Heritage Foundation, led by Ed Feulner.  

The “fighting on the outside” network supported the “inside fighters” led by M. Stanton Evans, a colleague of William F. Buckley and author of YAF’s Sharon Statement – the ultimate conservative manifesto.  Evans launched a generation of insider “demolition experts”.  Monday Club brought all key leaders together at the Hawk & Dove Restaurant. The Chesapeake Society was the strategic hub for Members and staff from 75 offices to wreak havoc on House Democrats.  The Dirty Dozen conducted similar guerilla actions in the Senate.

The Conservative Movement was based upon timeless concepts of liberty, free market capitalism, limited government, and a bold anti-Communist foreign policy.  It found its voice in prominent conservative Senators and Congressmen.  Ultimately, it rallied around national leaders.  Senator Barry Goldwater was the “proof of concept” candidate for successfully thwarting the establishment Republicans to become the Party’s Presidential nominee in 1964.  His most famous surrogate, Ronald Reagan, burst on the national scene with his election eve “Time for Choosing” speech.  Reagan made the “proof of concept” a vibrant reality by winning two terms as Governor of California and two landslide elections for President of the United States.

The Reagan Revolution changed the world because it had built a massive infrastructure of dedicated activists who were ready, willing, and very able to make conservativism an operational reality.

This infrastructure was most clearly manifested in the defeat of the Soviet Empire and the destruction of the Soviet Union. Stan Evans’ Sharon Statement boldly declared America stand for “victory over rather than coexistence with” Communism. Conservatives took this to heart and moved on a massive global front.  Legions of covert agents were brought out of retirement by William Casey, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They fanned out to create chaos and destruction throughout the Soviet world.  Legions of “overt” agents of influence took over global forums that were once the domain of State Department apologists and Leftist academics.

Reagan sent Bill Wilson, the leader of his Kitchen Cabinet, to the Vatican.  Along with his close ties to British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, Reagan forged a “Big Three” that stopped the Soviet’s Carter era momentum.  They then coordinated a strategic offensive that activated the millions living under Soviet oppression. Not since World War II had such an alliance been so effective.

The lesson is clear, defeating the Left can be done and has been done. We need to remember this. 

We also need to watch riveting fiction to learn how to do it again.

Scot Faulkner served as Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. He was Director of Personnel for the 1980 Reagan Campaign, served on the Presidential Transition team, and on Reagan’s White House Staff.  He currently advises corporations on implementing strategic change.

Friday, May 19, 2023


A Founding Built Against Unbridled Power: Principle of Civic Duty to Rein In Overreaching Government – Constituting America

Principle of civic duty to rein in overreaching government. “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house?” – Patrick Henry, speech delivered at St. Johns Church, Richmond, Virginia, March 23, 1775 (“Give me liberty” quote was attributed to Patrick Henry, believed originally from William Wirt).

When and how should citizens confront abuses of power by their government?

This is a fundamental question that has shaped political discourse for centuries.

Patrick Henry, and the other colonial leaders who galvanized opposition to the predations of George III, drew upon English legal precedents and Enlightenment philosophy.  They built their rebellion against tyrannical overreach on foundations laid by their English ancestors.

There has always been conflict between those who desire unbridled power and those they govern.  Often this conflict was settled through force of arms.  On June 15, 1215, it was settled by force of law.

Rebelling English nobles forced King John to sign a “Great Charter of Freedoms”, now known as the Magna Carta.  The Charter became the basis for English Common Law and the laws of most English-speaking nations, particularly the United States. 

While the Magna Carta focused on individual rights and the legal system (such as trial by jury), Clause 61 empowered citizens to rein-in overreaching government. It created a Council of 25 barons to monitor and enforce King John’s compliance with the Magna Carta.  This included controlling feudal payments to the Crown, and by implication how the Crown spent “public” funds and governed.  Clause 61 included real sanctions: If John did not comply with the provisions of the Magna Carta, “the 25 barons were empowered to seize the King’s castles and lands until, in their judgement, amends had been made”.

King John colluded with the Pope to undermine the Magna Carta, but his successors reissued it and it became a formal part of English law.

During the 13th through 15th centuries Magna Carta was reconfirmed at least 32 times. The first item of parliamentary business was a public reading and reaffirmation of the Magna Carta.

The Stuart line of kings challenged the four-hundred-year Magna Carta balance of power to their peril. King Charles I asserted he would not be reined-in by Parliament.  This led to civil war and his beheading in 1649.  During the post-Civil War Restoration, Charles II adopted a more passive approach to governing.  However, James II ignored his elder brother’s compliance with Parliamentary restrictions, which led to his being overthrown during the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688.

Parliamentary ascendancy, and ultimate permanent dominance under a “Constitutional Monarchy”, was buttressed by philosophical publications.  These writings gave broader context to how power must be reined-in and how it should be done under law.

In 1680, Henry Care published English Liberties.  It established individual rights as bestowed at birth, not by government. Care formally asserts, “each man having a fixed Fundamental Right born with him as to the Freedom of his Person and Property in his Estate, which he cannot be deprived of, but either by his consent, or some Crime for which the Law has Imposed such a Penalty as Forfeiture”.  He describes the balance of a reined-in government, “qualified Monarchy, where the King is vested with prerogatives sufficient to support Majesty; and restrained from power of doing himself and his people harm”. 

Care supported his philosophical doctrine with a compendium of foundational political documents.  He made the Magna Carta central to history and to the contemporary legitimacy of individual freedom and control of government overreach. English Liberties became very popular in British reform (Whig) circles and widely read among leaders in the American colonies.

Even more popular among colonial thinkers and activists was John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government published in 1689.

Locke’s Second Treatise describes the importance of a civilized society based on natural (God given) rights.  It supports the social contract theory of the governed consenting to limited government in exchange for a secure and stable environment in which individual activity and commerce can thrive.  It became the primary conceptual work defining traditional 18th and 19th Century Liberalism.

Locke’s Second Treatise was frequently cited in Colonial debates about George III’s taxes and other punitive measures that comprised the King’s overreach and over reaction to colonial freedom. 

Locke describes the balance of power between an executive (or monarchy), which is a "Power always in being that must perpetually execute the law”, and the legislature, which is the "supreme power of the Common wealth…governments are charged by the consent of the individual, i.e. the consent of the majority, giving it either by themselves, or their representatives chosen by them."

Locke promotes the proposition that a full economic system could exist within the “state of nature”. Property predates the existence of government.  Society should be dedicated to the protection of property.  He expanded on Care’s “social contract” theory and explains how the “consent of the governed” may be withdrawn when power is abused, thus serving to rein-in government overreach.

The philosophy of Two Treatises is echoed throughout the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote: "Bacon, Locke, and Newton - I consider them as the three greatest men that have ever lived, without any exception, and as having laid the foundation of those superstructures which have been raised in the Physical & Moral sciences".

The foundations of the Magna Carta, English Common Law, and the writings of Care and Locke birthed our nation.  They guide and inspire citizen oversight and empowerment to this day.


Friday, February 3, 2023



Shepherd University | PBM Home

Many medical procedures that are now commonplace were once novel and experimental.  One example is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  When a doctor tells you, “We need to do a MRI” you say “Okay” and the insurance company you use says “Okay” without a second thought.  Most patients do not even remember what “MRI” stands for.  It is just part of a normal diagnostic process.

The underlying concept of MRI was discovered in 1945.  MRI was first used in 1974.  A whole-body MRI scanner was developed in 1977.

The Photobiomodulation Foundation is attempting to make “PBM” the next “MRI”.

There are many challenges.

Dr. Endre Mester, a medical researcher in Budapest, Hungary, discovered the PBM effect in 1967.  His ground-breaking discovery remained little known for 22 years, until the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.  PBM papers began being published in the West in 1990.  Their acceptance suffered from wide-spread skepticism of research conducted behind the “Iron Curtain” of Communist run countries.  PBM also suffered from researchers, inventors, and practitioners creating a plethora of terms describing the same effect, making it difficult to track studies and trials.

PBM’s many applications, devices, and manufacturers created a “wild west” where consumers are overwhelmed with terminology, product claims, and company marketing. Limited anecdotal evidence is comingled with validated clinical trials while the 9,000+ published papers range from world class seminal works to poorly written and fragmentary essays.  This cacophony is daunting to all.

PBM is segmenting into Medical Grade devices that are used in clinical settings, and Consumer Grade devices (usually called Red Light Therapy) that are used by individuals in their homes.  There are also trends away from LASERS to LEDs and employing higher light wave lengths (the traditional 500-900nm spectrum is pushing toward 1200nm).

The PBM marketplace is getting more complex as Medical Grade devices are now being used in home settings and being self-administered.  Medical Grade devices are being used for cosmetic purposes, and Consumer Grade devices are being used for treating medical conditions.

While PBM’s popularity is expanding its benefits to a wider population, it is creating a “buyer beware” environment.  Trust among health professionals and consumers is vital to PBM becoming an accepted mainstream biotechnology. 

Leading PBM researchers wrestled with these multiple challenges.  A series of meetings resulted in the Photobiomodulation (PBM) Foundation being founded in December 2017. There were already the North American Association for Laser Therapy (NAALT) and the World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT), along with the oral health focused, Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD). These organizations perform the invaluable role of sharing research and application among PBM professionals. The PBM Foundation was to be different by being more outwardly focused in communicating and partnering with policy officials, political leaders/influencers, media, and stakeholders.

The PBM Foundation’s first task was becoming “bi-lingual”.  This meant translating impenetrable research papers, that were filled with five-syllable terms, into lay audience messaging that directly related and resonated to the interests of decision makers and influencers.

Another challenge was to focus the wide array of PBM’s health impacts to a critical few, which had the strongest clinical evidence and highest impact on public health.  The first three were (1) preventing side effects of cancer treatment, especially Oral Mucositis; (2) Pain management, as it relates to addressing the Opioid crisis; and (3) treating Veterans for neurological conditions, physical therapy, and wounds. 

October 11, 2018 was the PBM Foundation’s “curtain raising” event – a formal Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill focused on how PBM’s successful management of pain could address America’s Opioid crisis.  This was followed by formal testimony before various Opioid and Pain Management task forces within the Federal Government.

Media outreach generated mainstream news coverage of PBM successfully managing pain and preventing Oral Mucositis.  The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the West Virginia University Cancer Institute, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital formed an echo-chamber of high profile stories on PBM’s life-saving impacts.

Veterans’ hospitals began using PBM to treat their neurological patients, led by a partnership with Boston University.  Ten other VA medical centers adopted PBM for physical therapy and healing wounds.  Political support for Veterans generated Congressional endorsement, showcased by Rep. Jim Hagedorn’s and Rep. Alex Mooney’s Keynote addresses at PBM2021.

Another PBM Foundation initiative is a pilot Equipment Testing program.  The goal is to provide an independent review of a product’s operation relative to its claims.  This information will allow consumers of medical equipment to make medically and fiscally responsible equipment choices.  The goal is to build trust among consumers by verifying viable products in a crowded and confusing marketplace.

The PBM Foundation draws much of its inspiration from hundreds of industry associations, which provide vehicles for competing companies to find common cause, while improving the professionalism of their industry.  This unity of purpose will be the final element in making the application of PBM the next MRI.

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[Published on Newmax]

The Republican Congress has a small window of opportunity to redefine the political landscape.

Will Republicans repeat history or make history?

Remember 2011?  Republicans won an historic number of seats in 2010 only to become disappointingly ineffective.  A thundering herd of elephants birthed mice.

Republicans will need to overcome several challenges. 

First, most media will declare the “end of days” and breathlessly report the coming “Republican apocalypse” in detail.  They will demonize every incoming Republican with cherry-picked “facts” and an endless array of fiction. 

Second, Republicans will not be unified.  They rarely are.  Conservatives should remember that just because Members of Congress are “R”s they are not necessarily “ours”.  There are moderate and liberal Republicans, along with swamp dwellers, timid souls, and special interest conflicted.

Republicans, even with a slim majority, can make a difference if they achieve four major goals: Expose; End; Equip; Endure.


Congress has a fundamental duty to conduct oversight and hold those in power accountable. 

This begins with Congress itself.  Republican leaders must immediately demand that January 6, 2021, videos from all 1,800 Capitol Hill cameras are preserved.  Any cameras “not working on that day”, and “lost" or “damaged” videos, must be fully explained and documented.

On January 6, 2023, Congress embraces transparency by releasing all January 6 videos from all cameras unedited or redacted.  Let Americans see for themselves what happened.

To follow-up, Congress then identifies law enforcement shown on Capitol security and news videos helping protesters by unlocking and opening doors, removing security barriers, waving them to the Capitol, or standing-by passively.  Each law enforcement officer should be individually brought behind closed doors and asked, under oath, “who told you to do that?” 

Those who “were following orders’ will be asked, “whose orders?”  Their superiors are brought forward and asked the same questions.  Congressional Q&A continues until top law enforcement officials either assert they initiated rules of engagement themselves or identify orders from specifically named elected officials.  These communications would then be released to the public.

There are countless Biden abominations that deserve investigation.  Republicans must heed the lessons from their ineffectual pursuit of Obama scandals.  Subpoenas will be ignored, documents will be withheld, slow walked, or become “missing”, witnesses will refuse to testify, lie, or obfuscate.

The gold standard remains the 1973 Watergate Committee.  They began with the lowest level people and worked their way up to the top.  Questions were asked and Members waited for answers instead of launching into finger waving monologues.  Public hearings are theatrical events. Republicans need to manage the plot, characters, and answers beforehand and build a narrative.  The truth is out there but is nearly impossible to uncover in a timely enough manner to matter.

Nonpartisan oversight should also occur, using hundreds of reports published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the 72 Department and Agency Inspectors General.  Americans need to repeatedly hear about the mindboggling expanse of waste, fraud, and abuse that is endemic in the Federal Government.  This validates the next Republican President’s reform agenda.


Republicans will end new Biden initiatives and reduce his ability for mischief. They can defund programs, positions, and people.  They can turn campaign promises into reality by introducing legislation addressing voter priorities.

Justification through hearings and legislation will reveal and debunk the underlying dogma that is driving the Biden agendas for climate change and wokism.  Deindustrializing America is foundational to Biden’s assault on energy independence.  Showcasing silenced experts on these matters is vital.

Biden will veto everything Republicans do, and they will not have the votes to override. Republicans can counter by thinking well ahead of these predictable moves. Biden vetoes will become opportunities to contrast Republican voter-endorsed solutions with how Biden’s policies destroy America. This builds the case for change in 2024.


Republicans used the last two years of President Jimmy Carter to pave the way for the Reagan Revolution.  The next two years can equip the next Republican President with ideas and actions that will define the political landscape for 2024 and beyond. Through hearings, legislation, and floor speeches, they can build a mandate for the next Republican President to “hit the ground running”.   This change agenda will generate Leftist attacks, providing insights for Republican counter measures when they are reintroduced in 2025. 


The Washington, DC swamp is far deeper and extensive than anyone ever realized.  Republicans who cannot be bought-off or scared-off will be relentlessly savaged.  Democrats are known for locking arms and never breaking ranks.  Republicans shoot their wounded, even ones with minor injuries.  Time to think strategically and prepare for future battles 

To save America we must think past one election, one hearing, or one piece of legislation. 

It took years for the Left to gain the upper hand.  

It will take years to end their reign.

Scot Faulkner served as Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives and helped lead Speaker Newt Gingrich's Congressional Transition in 1994. He was Director of Personnel for the 1980 Reagan Campaign and served on the Presidential Transition team.  He currently advises corporations on implementing strategic change.

Friday, August 19, 2022



Scot Faulkner spoke about the science and application of Photobiomodulation (PBM) - "red-light therapy" to the Annual Meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness in Las Vegas.

Photobiomodulation: Innovative Treatment for Pain, Wounds, and Brain Injury. Scot Faulkner (


Friday, March 25, 2022



Shepherd University | Center of Excellence for Photobiomodulation at Shepherd University

On March 21, with national and state officials attending, Dr. Mary Hendrix, President of Shepherd University formally inaugurated The Center of Excellence for Photobiomodulation (PBM).


The ceremony was the culmination of many years of work.  It was an historic moment for the PBM movement.


During the October 2017 PBM Strategic Planning Session, the Center of Excellence was a key priority, along with establishing the PBM Foundation and a testing program.  It was deemed important that the PBM movement had a formal “home” from which to build collaborative relationships with scientists, practitioners, and industry while attracting the resources needed to take PBM mainstream. 


The Center of Excellence for PBM will become the framework for aggregating, curating, and disseminating information on discovery and application of this biotech breakthrough.


Shepherd University was the Center of Excellence’s logical location. Shepherd University’s School of Nursing was the first in the world to formally incorporate knowledge and use of PBM into their graduation requirements.  Its 400 nursing students interact with PBM’s top researchers while gaining “hands on” experience using the most advanced PBM medical devices.  Shepherd’s PBM adjunct faculty is a “who’s who” of global experts.


President Hendrix also made Shepherd a logical location.  She is a leading scientist in cancer research, writing more than 280 published papers on biomedical research and serving on national boards relating to health policy and medical innovation.


This natural alignment was further augmented by relationships with PBM supportive medical and research facilities.  These include the Martinsburg Veterans Health Center, one of the largest in the nation, the Mountaineer Recovery Center, the National Conservation Training Center, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Research Center.


In July 2019, the West Virginia state government recognized Shepherd’s leadership role with a $2.7 million grant to address rural health and use PBM for managing pain to reduce Opioid use.  West Virginia remains America’s epicenter for Opioid addiction and deaths.


In December 2021, the Governor of West Virginia allocated $500,000 under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) for establishing the PBM Center of Excellence order to, as the Governor announced, “develop cutting edge technique that manages pain and does so many different things that could very well be a breakthrough in the COVID situation.”


“The Center’s vision is to universally improve health and wellbeing by using the science of PBM and its devices to deliver therapies to speed recoveries from injury and illness,” said Dr. Jennifer Flora, Shepherd’s Director of PBM Wellness. “We are in the business of changing lives for the better. Our goal is to help people thrive using innovative technology and it starts today at the Wellness Center with convenient PBM services for our campus and surrounding community.”


Dr. Praveen Arany, the PBM Center of Excellence’s Interim Executive Director, said the Center’s three core goals are to “focus on wellness, explore deaddiction to opioids, and treat long COVID-19 symptoms”.

“A lot of people have had COVID-19 and as they are recovering, we are finding things like fatigue, depression, and chronic diseases, which are causing concern,” Arany said. “We would like to use this innovative treatment that is nonpharmacological and noninvasive and focuses on the host’s resilience. We are trying to make people healthier and better.”

The Center’s launch lays the groundwork for further progress on the science and application of PBM and educating the public about the benefits of this revolutionary treatment.